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  • Jill Deupi, J.D., Ph.D.
    Director and Chief Curator of University Museums, Fairfield University

    "MustSee provides our organization with an exciting new avenue for digitally engaging audiences - past, present, and future. The platform combines the best of both worlds: user-friendly technology and high quality, carefully curated content. MustSee meets the ever-evolving needs and expectations of today's 'plugged in' end-users while making it easy for cultural institutions to increase their visibility without sacrificing intellectual integrity."

    Jonathan Burton
    Executive Director

    Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks

    “The Powel House was the first of the four museums that Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks owns to adopt the MustSee app. Landmarks has plans for our other three museums to create mobile apps through MustSee. It's really easy and tour guests want the mobile app experience. There's really no reason that I can think of why a museum would not want to adopt this service.”

    Virtual Tours

    Local hosts, tour guides, and travel companies create their own customized tours of the best things to see, do or eat.

    Carol S. Ward
    Executive Director
    Morris-Jumel Mansion

    “We are able to bring to life the fascinating history of Manhattan’s oldest house while also giving insight into its changing roles throughout time and also explore its place in twenty-first century New York.”

    Captain Jonathan Boulware
    South Street Seaport Museum

    “We're very pleased with what MustSee has added to our interpretation. The free app for iPhone engages our visitors in a different way. It was very easy to create, upload, and we're looking forward to turning the MustSee app into an audio guide, a feature that we think will significantly improve our visitor experience.”

    Chris Semtner
    Curator, Poe Museum

    “We are able to expand the distribution and give more people on-site the capability to use the audio tour guide. Plus, there is an opportunity to drive interest from non-local people to come visit the museum while generating revenue.  We don’t have to manage additional hardware or software while not having any charge for the service.”

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